Websitephilosophy - Why I do it!

Websitephilosophy - Why I do it!

The aim of this website is to provide a good IQ test and information about it, free of charge and without obligation. There are many IQ tests on the internet - both free and paid for, but very few sites offer a test and try to educate at the same time. AT you will learn about how an IQ test works, how it is scored and how meaningful it is. So aims to do both, providing a high quality test and background knowledge at the same time.

The creation of IQ tests is very time-consuming

You might ask why there are so few sites that offer both information and IQ tests at the same time. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that anyone with any knowledge of the subject of iq-testing knows how much work it takes to develop and verify an iq-test.

How does the IQ-Test work?

The test works as follows:

Sophisitcated processing of the data and a precise statistical analysis make the test fairly accurate for an online test. If you want an even better result, you should see a specialiced psychologist.

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